Come, seek & discover the charming Coimbatore along with us.

Analogically called ‘Detroit’ or ‘Manchester’ of South India, ‘Coimbatore’ is the second largest city of Tamil Nadu. Renowned for its manufacturing of motor pump sets, Coimbatore is a popular industrial laureate and commercial hub. Also called ‘Kovai’ in Tamil language, this city is distinguished for its manifold industries like engineering enterprises, textile mills, software companies, IT culture, educational institutes, health care, agriculture, cotton industries, etc.

Acclaimed for its ambitious entrepreneurship, Coimbatore city harbors more than 25 thousand industries. Surveys done by different study groups like Economic Times, CII, Frost and Sullivan have concluded that Coimbatore tops in the index of consumer confidence and is the most facilitated investment terminus.

Coimbatore is bestowed an honor of having the world's second tastiest water after Nile. This Coimbatore water is known as “Siruvani Water. Located on the banks of the river Noyyal, Coimbatore serves as the administrative headquarter of the district.