Climate in Coimbatore

The mountain ranges that encircle Coimbatore are overloaded with thick dense forest and the Palghat gap gives way to chilly winds during winter and rainy season. These environmental characteristics of Coimbatore render it a cheerful and pleasant climatic city. If we examine the ‘Koppen Climate Classification’, Coimbatore has a tropical wet and dry climate. Both winter and summer are mild and moderate.

Summer Lasts between March and May. The maximum temperature during summer goes up to 39°C and minimum temperature of summer is 21°C. The highest temperature of Coimbatore reported ever is 41°C and the lowest ever is 12°C.

Monsoon June to August, these three months bring South West monsoon to Coimbatore. 28% of total rainfall pours at this time. North East monsoon drenches Coimbatore during October and November, which happens to be 47% of total showers. September is generally humid and warm. The average annual rainfall is 700 mm. Apart from the rains; the water supply plants at Pilloor, Siruvani and Athikadavu satisfy the aqua need of the district.

Winter:extends from December to February. Winter is quite mild and temperature hardly comes down up to 15°C. Maximum temperature during winter scarcely crosses the range of 32°C.
The best season to visit Coimbatore is between March and September.